Zorn Molds offers a wide range of products. Financing and lease purchase options available.

Fishing lure molds:

Zorn Molds began its operation in 1993, focusing on the soft plastic fishing lure manufacturing industry. Since that time we have designed and manufactured thousands of custom molds for the industry. While we have diversified in recent years, we continue to apply our knowledge and years of experience to design, develop and manufacture fishing lure molds for the ever changing demands of the consumer. We can help you bring your idea to market!


  • Designed to fit your production machine

  • Shoot solids, laminated, core, two color or three color

  • Vertical laminating

  • Side by Side laminating

  • Multi part molds for difficult shape cavities

  • Offset parting molds to accommodate cavity shape

  • Block molds for shapes with back draft or undercut (patented design)

  • Cavity - Core - Ejector Bar molds for hollow shapes

  • Your name and / or logo machined into each cavity as required

Standard soft plastic fishing lure molds include:

  • Designed and sized to fit your production equipment

  • Single cavity prototype and one revision included in mold price

  • Injection ports

  • Steel mounting inserts

  • Polished cavities and runners

  • Venting as required per the cavity shape

  • Cooling

  • Alignment pins and bushings

  • Mold latches for operator safety during setup

A few options ...

  • Two color slide bars with air cylinders

  • Blocking bars for shooting solids with a two color mold

  • Three color runner system

  • Runner valve for laminating side by side or vertical

Thermoform/Blister Packaging Molds:

We manufacture high quality Thermoform molds to customer specifications. We can provide the basic cavity and/or core mold plates or the whole package including pushers, plug assist, frame assist, cooling plates, stand-offs, trim fixtures and trim die plates.

Features & Options:

  • Designed to fit your production equipment or the former you choose

  • Prototype or production molds

  • Single or multi cavity

  • Multi part molds for difficult shapes

  • Offset sheet line molds to accommodate unusual shapes

  • Your name, logo and / or part number machined on mold or into each cavity

  • Vacuum ports and channels

  • Steel mounting inserts

  • Polished cavities and runners

  • Vacuum / vent holes and channels as required

  • Cooling in mold plates or separate cooling plates

  • Alignment pins and bushings

  • Mold mounting stand-offs

  • Plug assist plates

  • Frame assist plates

  • Trim plates and fixtures

Other Types of Molds and Toolings:

Zorn Molds has been involved in the mold making industry for several years. In these years we have had the opportunity to design and manufacture many type of molds, parts and equipment for specialized applications. Our true love is turning ideas into finished product! We do this by "thinking outside of the box".


  • Fishing lure Molds – soft plastic and crank bait

  • Thermoform Molds

  • Packaging Molds and Tooling

  • Investment Casting Molds

  • Blow Molds

  • Hard plastic Molds

  • Custom designed Molds and Tooling for special application