Zorn Molds offers a wide range of services to it's customers in order to bring products to market.


Design & Programming:

Zorn Molds utilizes several state of the art CAD / CAM software packages including the latest versions of MasterCam, SmartCam, AutoCad and other related packages.

Our Engineering department is staffed with highly skilled personnel who are specially trained to design and program molds and parts for a wide variety of usages.

We have the ability to work from an idea, a sketch, a model, CAD drawing or existing part. We can work from almost any type of computer graphics file. We are confident that we can satisfy your design requirements for product quality, performance, and price. We will work with your ideas, however you choose to communicate them to us.




We produce a wide range of fully functionally, single and multi cavity prototype molds, one-off parts and a families of parts for working assemblies. Prototypes can to be used as samples for testing, marketing, photographs, advertisement and other small run applications.

If you have never prototyped a part before, don't worry. Our highly experienced staff will walk you through the standard process. We give you the benefit of our knowledge and experience to help you achieve your goals. If you can imagine it, we can mold it! Let us prototype your ideal today! We work closely with the customer to turn ideas in to finished product!




Do you have a logo or picture to include in your mold or on your part? No problem! We can machine any shape or image into the prototype mold or on your parts. You can e-mail us your artwork or we can scan your image from a business card, envelope, letterhead or package to create an identical match or scaled version.

We also machine a variety of parts, plates and cavities with names and logos machined on them for specialized projects. If you need your artwork machined onto a piece of metal, plastic, wood or other material, we can do it for you.



Polishing & Finishing:

We are fully equipped to polish molds from simple tool mark removal to high shine mirror finish. Just let us know how much polishing your product requires.

We can produce special CNC machined finishes, sand blast, bead blast, painting and many other types of finishes.

If you have special finishing requirements, just let us know. We will design, build or purchase tooling and equipment as your job requires..



Bring It All Together:

We are a fully equipped shop with Designing, Drafting, CNC programming, CNC machining, manual machining, fabricating, welding, polishing, finishing and assembling capabilities. This allows us to work on projects that requires a wide variety of skills and experiences.