Our main facility is a 13,200 square foot metal building custom built to suite our needs. It is located on 3-1/2 acres, a few miles north of Birmingham, Alabama. The office, engineering and manufacturing areas are fully climate controlled to maximize productivity and comfort. We also have a 1800 square foot metal building on the property.




Zorn Molds, Inc began its operation June 1, 1993 in a 5000 square foot rented building in an industrial park on the north side of Birmingham with partners Ray Guess and Regina Coleman.  The name "Zorn" came from Regina's step father who was honored to give them permission to use his name.

The two partners were both raised in family owned manufacturing businesses and had very complementary skills.  This lead them to believe they could be successful in filling an opportunity that existed in the soft plastic fishing lure manufacturing industry.  The industry required specialization and very detailed 3D cavity and four axis machining.  Zorn focused on this opportunity and began filling the need in the industry with high quality, CNC machined injection molds. 

The business grew rapidly.  In 1994 Zorn began to manufacture injection machines, heat exchangers, injection valves and other miscellaneous equipment needed by fishing lure manufacturers. 

After Zorn had specialized in designing and manufacturing fishing lure molds and equipment for few years, They discovered they were fully capable of manufacturing many other types of molds, parts and equipment.

In 1997 the founders of Zorn began diversification enabling Zorn to grow in industries outside the fishing lure industry.  In 1998 Zorn moved into it's new facality and began to manufacture many types of molds, parts and equipment that required state of the art equipment, highly skilled people, very simple to very complex, 2D, 3D and four axis machining.  Their ability to combine many skills and resources in machining, polishing, programming, fabricating, welding, electrical / electronics, hydraulics, pneumatic & assemble enable them to design, engineer and manufacture a wide variety of molds, parts and equipment for many different industries. 

Zorn learned they excelled in designing innovative equipment, molds and manufacturing techniques. They enjoyed solving complex manufacturing problems with a combination of custom built molds and equipment. They now focus on designing and manufacturing several types of high quality CNC machined molds and parts including but not limited to fishing lure molds, soft plastic molds, thermoform molds, blister pack molds, investment casting molds, blow molds, urethane molds Styrofoam molds and general CNC machined parts.

Zorn Molds is dedicated to providing high quality products and services on time at a competitive price.