PRODUCTS: Injection Machines

Zorn Molds offers a wide range of products. Financing and lease purchase options available.

The "Zorn Injection Machine"

This machine is designed for injecting soft plastic parts. It's ideally suited for manufacturing soft plastic fishing lures. It may also be used or retrofitted to inject any liquid material that needs a heating process to solidify!


  • Adjustable hydraulic press clamping

  • Shoot solids, laminated, or two color

  • Optional three color mode of operation

  • Pneumatic clamping models available on request

  • Single or 3 phase

  • Pump size and type options available

  • Heat exchanger size and type options available

Standard models include:

  • Two color modes of operation

  • 2 - 2lb Zorn style heat exchangers

  • 2 - heated injection valves

  • 2 - 55-gallon drum agitators

  • Chiller system for cooling water

  • Sliding safety doors front & rear

  • 2 - days training in our plant

Open Pour Injection Machine:
PVC Shooter

This machine is designed to fill very large open pour molds. Its heating capacity will allow constant plastic flow over a long period of time. It can be setup to accommodate single or multi colors. It will also inject VERY thick material. The hand operated applicator valve allows the operator to control the fill.


  • Allows for filling very large molds

  • Allows injection of very thick material

  • Mold mounting and setup not required

  • Easy to operate

  • Quick setup and color change over

  • Enables you to fill several different shapes or molds in one setup

Standard models include:

  • Single color capacity

  • Hand operated applicator valve

  • Constant plastic flow heating capacity

Slitter Machine

These pneumatic presses are designed to slit tentacles on tube type baits. They provides the "hand cut" look while enjoying high volume production.


  • Adjustable knives for custom look

  • Small, table top setup

  • Operator safety shield

  • Quality slitting

  • Low reject rate

  • 1/4" to 1" widths

  • Custom knives provide custom look

  • Low production cost

Standard models include:

  • Table top machine

  • Pneumatic press

  • Custom die design for your product

Custom-built Machines

Zorn Molds has the capabilities of designing special equipment to meet your specific needs. If you have special requirements, please contact us and we will be glad to offer design assistance, drawing, and pricing to accomplish your production requirements.


  • Rotary applications

  • Shuttle applications

  • Pneumatic presses

  • Hydraulic presses

  • Custom sizes

  • Part insertion before injection

  • Multi color/multi configuration


Automatic runner-less three and four color machine. No operator required.
Simple startup and shutdown. This equipment is "State of the Art" with a very
competitive price. Designed to produce quality product with a minimum of labor.